p1 Villa belonged to the castle of Montegiove, turned into Castle, probably in the fourteenth century. Today you can see the Tower, the perimeter walls, the church and the dungeons. Properties of Fodivoli, the castle was fortified during the fourteenth century and was fought in the struggles between the factions of the Monaldeschi of Orvieto.Possession for many years accounts Marsciano that granted him the statutes of 1529, he entered the orbit Orvietana. Feud of Saracinelli until sec. XVIII, passed under Marsciano in Napoleon’s time, then, with the reform of Pius VII, became enfeoffed of San Venanzo. Ancient castle, now privately owned, you can see the tower, which offers a beautiful view, the perimeter walls, the church and the dungeons. The parish church preserves two altarpieces of the XVIII century and a copy of St. Michael the Archangel by Reni.

Second Sunday after Easter: Madonna dei Bagni
First Sunday in October: St. Michael the Archangel and Our Lady of the Rosary