Parco-vulcanologicoIt is located in a Regional Protected Area included in the Territorial System of interest Nature Environmental Monte Peglia and Selva di Meana established in 2000 to enhance and protect the wonderful natural heritage between San Venanzo and Orvieto.
The park, a natural outdoor extension of the Volcanological Museum, is open through a nice circular route of about 1 km, which runs between the exterior and interior of the largest lava flow, known as the Venanzite.
Along the trail are staging points that highlight the fundamental characteristics of rocks, minerals contained in them and the history of these peculiar volcanic phenomena. The remains of an ancient quarry of wives and extraction steps recently witnessed the exploitation, which of these rocks has been done, over time.Despite the high scientific value in the 70s the Venanzite was extracted to obtain aggregates and railway ballast.
The visitor is as if would shift inside of a volcano in section and has the ability to touch and make observations from a point of view rather unusual: the inside of a casting. The route has been drawn allowing a logical progression of the comments and touching all points of interest, including its historical landscape.


Il-museoIn the Pleistocene, about 265,000 years ago, just where is the village of San Venanzo, opened three small volcanic craters that produced some of the rocks and minerals of the world’s rarest. At two lava flows has been given the name “Venanzite”, a rock studied by the end of 1800 for its unusual origin and composition, which has made ​​the town in San Venancio famous all over the world, even outside of specialist circles .
The Volcanological Museum, located in the center of the country, was created to illustrate so popular, the origin of the volcanic area of San Venanzo herself or to put it in connection with the dynamics of the Earth. Inside, through thematic paths related to interactive exhibits and interesting collections of mineral rocks, visitors will be introduced to the fascinating world of volcanoes and geology in general. The museum offers educational programs for schools of all levels …
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