Collelungo2Fortified building of mid-fourteenth century, probably built on a pre-existing Villa. It is still possible to see the medieval walls.On the border between the lands subject to Orvieto and the possessions of Todi, in the sixteenth and seventeenth cent. it was for so long time involved in grueling fights for boundaries.between the two cities. Fortified in 1294, was property of the Monaldeschi family, then of the Baglioni from Perugia, from whose hands the Pope Paul III took it. The medieval city walls are still imposing, and behind them was found in an ancient building with frescoed walls dedicated to St. Matthias Apostle.In the parish church, known as the Shrine of Our Lady of Light and religious place of considerable importance for the area, you can see a precious XV century fresco of the Madonna of the light, attributed to Pietro di Nicola di Orvieto.Of particular interest is the stone altar of the parish that dates back to Lombard period.

24 and 25 April and the first Sunday in September by the Parish and CLUBHOUSE ANSPI.