Porcello5The castello di Pornello, which remains are still visible, is mentioned in the chronicles of 1137. Possession of Bulgarelli family, in 1317 it was assigned in perpetuity to the Church of Orvieto.Fortified in the fourteenth century, resented the wars between factions of the Monaldeschi family until the truce of 1385. After having been for some time a possesion of the Counts of Marsciano, returned permanently in Orvieto to finish under the control of San Vito in 1816. To be mentioned and visited the church of San Donato, whose origins dating back to the fourteenth century in the church of the Madonna del Piano that houses a series of frescoes of 1500.

First or second Sunday of May: celebrations in honor of the Patron Saint Michael the Archangel
second Sunday of September: celebrations in honor of Our Lady of the Plan.