San-Marino4This area was inhabited since Etruscan times, as evidenced by the materials used in some ancient buildings of the place taken from Mount Melonta. In Roman times the settlement of Settano developed; the suffix-”anum” of thr name, in fact, is typical of the places of Roman colonization. The settlement developed only recently, during the nineteenth century, for the gradual decline of Palazzo Bovarino. The community of Palazzo Bovarino scattered between Ospedaletto and San Marino, crushed by debts incurred to pay taxes. In 1824 the only inhabitant of the castle of Bovarino Palace, former residence of Bovarini or Bovaccini, was the curate.In addition to the town of San Marino, are to be reported to the villages Casalicchia, Cettina and Settano, immersed in a pristine environment.

Sunday in August, on Ascension Day: , THE Sports Festival, organized by the GAME-SPORT ASOCIATION OF SAN MARINO