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San-Vito3Ancient castle, probably rebuilt around 1315 and now converted into a house.Located not far from the “devil’s den, A cave along the Fersinone, in which WERE FOUND some remains of the Bronze Age. It was a possession of the bishops of Orvieto, that fortified it for its key importance for the defense against Perugia.Destroyed in 1240, rebuilt and disputed by the different factions of the Monaldeschi familiy fighting each other, the last destruction suffered in 1505 by Sforzino Baglioni As a Municipality losts its autonomy in 1929 when he was attached to San Venanzo.In the parish church, valuable works in earthenware, the terracotta statue of the Madonna with child of 1500, a painting of the early seventeenth century and a pipe organ of the eighteenth century.The resort is famous for the ferruginous waters of the Acquaforte source .From the castle walls of San Vito in Monte has the feeling of being in one of those Border Place to control of a vast geographical areas.A picturesque panorama opens to 360 ┬░ and the view sweeps over the territories of five regions: from the Alfino upland to Mount Amiata, from Mount Nerone to Sibillini Mounts and from the the Mount Gran Sasso to Vulsini, through the Terminillo.

Penultimate Sunday in August, on Ascension Day: Sports Festival, organized by the GAME-SPORT ASOCIATION OF SAN MARINO.