San Venanzo – Pornello

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The current road follows almost totally the one mapped in the Gregorian Cadastre, but with a substantial difference near Costa Filatello (the area to the South of the so-called “Bivio del Moro”).

From San Venanzo follow the main road towards Orvieto; as soon as the slight descent is over, instead of following the highway which turns left uphill, take a small road just in front of you, heading South; after a few hundred meters, return to the main road, which you will follow until the junction to San Vito – Pornello (“Bivio del Moro”), where there is a restaurant. At this point, it is necessary to proceed in the woods, right between the two asphalt roads, going uphill; after a few meters you will be on a wide dirt road, used until about 50 years ago to reach Ospedaletto. Once on the ridge (you are on the path of the ancient “Via Orvietana“), cross it and, going downhill, you will reach an abandoned farmhouse; skirt it following a dirt path and you will reach the asphalt road towards Pornello and Montegiove. Follow it until you will reach Pornello village, which has remained almost abandoned, but fascinating to visit, wandering through its ancient alleys.

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