San Venanzo North

Distance (km)

Elevation gain (m)

For this route you need to download the map on your mobile or GPS.

 Challenging ring with its 22.76 km and a total of 870 meters of difference in elevation. But extraordinary for the historical values of the routes and for the places it crosses.

It has some short streches where maximum attention is needed in identifying the right direction, but with the map downloaded on our device, we will have no problems.

We start from Via Gorizia, in San Venanzo (we are stepping on one of the two streets that, in ancient times, were going northwards from San Venanzo; although being very steep, this street was very used and frequented) and, after a few hundred meters we will find a farmhouse on the right; just after the house, on the opposite side of the road, we find a downhill dirt road (often you have to pass a low fence for animals). This road will lead us to reach the Fosso della Fuga, which we will always follow going along the only track present (be careful to always close the gates for the animals). Now we are on an ascent and, shortly, we will exit the woods and proceed straight ahead in front of us on the cultivated field until we reach a dirt road, which we will take to the right (North-East) and, a few meters later, we will find the ruin of Podere Cervella in front of us. As soon as we pass this building, we will go downhill to the left (North).

After walking 1.7 km from the beginning, we will find a crossroads where the most obvious road is not the right one, which is located slightly lower and enters, like the other one, in the woods but going downhill. Thus we will reach Fosso La Guardia that we will wade and, in short, the ascent will end. On our left (East) stands Poggio Castelvecchio, where the remains of the ancient settlement of the same name still exists. In front of us we continue downhill for about twenty meters and then we take a road on the left (West) that runs alongside another ditch (Fosso di Vecciute) that we will reach. Now we have to go through it; on the other side, the road is not evident but you just have to go up towards East, leaving the ditch just crossed on the left to reach, after about 100/150 meters, a nice dirt road. Here we will go to the right (North), we will pass a spring and, always going uphill, we will reach Podere Carena, after 3.45 km from the start.

On our left, towards East, we find a very evident road (with two bars for motor vehicles), which we will follow for 3.9 km, until we reach the asphalt provincial road that we will take to the right towards North until we reach San Vito in Monte (this stretch coincides with the ancient Via Orvietana which connected Orvieto with Perugia).

From here we must proceed in the direction of the Sorgente Acquaforte (Acquaforte Spring) (between the houses of San Vito, northwards), downhill; following the most evident and always downhill track, we reach the clearing where we will find the Spring of very ancient origins on the left. With our backs to the Spring, we see the continuation on our right (towards the east); we follow it until we reach a distance of about 200 meters from the Spizzicacacio accommodation facility (before a curve to the right uphill, we find another track on our left, towards North, which we take).

Always following the only track, we will arrive on the Provincial road, that we follow downhill to the bridge over the Fersinone stream. Immediately before this there is our continuation on the right (towards East). Now the road slowly turns south; after 435 meters from the bridge, we find another road on our left; we take it and, after other 400 meters, we find a crossroads: we turn left again, towards the east. Now everything is easy; we are skirting the Fersinone and our road will lead us to a ford, we wade it following the road out of the embankment, but we leave it immediately after (about 50 meters after the ford) to take a clearly visible path to the right, with an initial flat course (we are going along the ancient road connecting San Vito and Poggio Aquilone), then uphill we reach a recently renovated farmhouse. We turn left going uphill and, 20 meters later, to the right for a track that always proceeds towards the southeast.

Between the point where we are and Poggio Aquilone we will find two crossroads: we always go left, until we reach Poggio.

Now everything is easy. We go downhill towards the valley following a large gravel road, towards the south (on the opposite side of the asphalt road that goes towards Marsciano), we cross the bridge over the Fersinone always on the only gravel road, that will bring us, after a long climb and a stretch on the plain, on the State road which, on the right towards South, goes back to San Venanzo.

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