San Venanzo – Ripalvella

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The Gregorian Cadastre records a route that, after reaching Rotecastello, passed the wooded area to the east reaching the current Collelungo – Marsciano road, to proceed then straight South towards Ripalvella, crossing Pian del Rocchio. This path is no longer viable as it is partially out of the woods and man has erased its traces.

The route that we present here is alternative and crosses an area full of glades and woods, with wide panorama views.

From San Venanzo you reach the Volcanological Park (the didactic ring created by the Municipality right in the heart of the two ancient volcanoes is very interesting) and continue following the only existing road. You pass a farmhouse with an adjacent workshop and you reach a narrow asphalt road; cross it going up to the right for about ten meters and descend along a beautiful old road until you reach the Faena stream which you cross and then continue uphill along a wide path sometimes eroded by rainwater, towards the South. Always straight, you reach a fence that you will skirt on the left and, going around the fence, you will be on a dirt road that will lead you to the Azienda Colli Verdi (oil and wine production and holiday apartments). Take the dirt road to the left, skirt the farmhouse with swimming pool and, after about 100 meters from this farmhouse, you will leave the dirt road to go down to the right. Once you reach the ditch, you will follow it towards the valley until you meet a ford, pass it, following the path that runs alongside another ditch. This track bends left and then right; before a curve to the left, there is another ford on the right; you cross it and discover another clearly visible path that leads to a clearing. You continue alongside its border with the woods until you find an uphill dirt road on the left, with hairpin bends. This will take you to Podere Salomone and then to the asphalt road, that you will take downhill to reach Ripalvella.

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