Traccio di S. Venanzio – Palazzo Bovarino

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We are describing the “hidden” stretch of the ancient road that connected San Venanzo with Palazzo Bovarino, a location now almost forgotten, which in the Middle Ages and around 1960 recorded a strong human presence, widespread between the very small fortified village (now private) and surrounding farmhouses.

You need to take the dirt road that leads to the place called “Traccio di Santo Venanzio“; once you reach the shrine dedicated to the Saint, go along the Faena stream against the current (we are right next to its sources), cross one of its tributaries (almost always dry) to take a nice uphill road in the woods; going out of the woods it bends South and, once you have passed the steep stretch, you have to bend significantly West; here the road is not very evident but you will be helped by the presence of an old fence that you must keep to your right.

This fence will accompany you for a long stretch, then the road will become more evident and it will be impossible to take wrong tracks. Leaving Poggio Montanara on your right, you will reach the SS 317 which you should cross until you reach a nice downhill gravel road towards the West. Continuing West – southwest you will pass Podere Colianni and, going down, you will have to pay attention to a ruin on your right, after which you will have to turn left on a small grassy slope; initially you will not see any track under your feet but, after a few meters, the path will become evident, becoming a road as soon as you will enter the woods. You will even find a hairpin bend (very rare in ancient roads) then you will reach the Torrente Migliari, wade it and, going up its south bank, you will find a beautiful uphill road that will soon lead you to Palazzo Bovarino.

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